Question list from Master

Trước khi làm Contract, Vy phải thực hiện một số assignment và trắc nghiệm. Đây là một trắc nghiệm về cá nhân:

Slave name VyS
Real name Huynh My Vy
City Vung Tau
Country Vietnam
Birthday date 11/3/1990
Marital status Single

Physical description:
Age 19
Height 1m56 (5″2)
Weight 96lb (44kg)
Hair color Black (Always changed)
Hair style Straight
Eyes color Black
Glasses No
Piercing ear ?
Nails ?
Nails color ?
Make up color Pink
Heels hight or … Heels hight
Parfum used Issey Miyake (pour home), Elizabeth Arden (15th avenue)
Head measurement 9″7
Neck measurement 13″6
Wrist measurement 5″6
Ankle measurement 8″
Waist measurement 24
Hips measurement 35

Clothing size:
Bras size 33B
Shoes size 6″5

More informations:
Prefered color Black, White, Pink
Prefered flower Antigonon leptopus (Coral Vine), Orchids, Daffodil
Prefered music Vietnam
Hobbies Shopping
Prefered book Noruwei no mori (Nowegian Wood)
Sport Badminton

Are you more:
Swimm suit one or two pieces? 2
Coat or anorak? Coat
Pants or skirt? Skirt
G-string or panties? Panties
Tea or coffee? Tea
Stocking or pantyhose? Stocking
Hight heels or basket? Hight heels
Nightdress or pajamas? Nightdress
Punishment or cuddle? Cuddle
TV or movie theater? TV
Shower or bath? Bath
Shaving or epilating? Shaving
Body shirt or blouse? Body shirt
Massage glove or massage oil? Massage glove
Stocking with sewing or net? Both
BBQ or dinner? BBQ
Pale or tan? ?
Crop or small whip? Crop
Making up or natural Making up
Hamburger ou pizza? Pizza
Leather or latex? Leather
Jogg dress or house dress? House dress
Silk or cotton Silk
Stocking stand up or garterbelt?…………………. Stocking stand up
Porno video ou real TV?……………. Porno video
Music or ou silence?………………… Music
Bras or nothing?……….. Bras
Gartner(suspender) or corset? Corset
Chain or rope? Chain

How long do you have this desire? A half of year
How long do you need a master? 2 months
What is your dresses phantasm? None
What is BDSM for you? (In details.) ?
Do you think you could use like a sex slave or like a pet? Slave
What sort of sub are you?
(a) I’m your total slave; I need to be used like you want, you could do anything of me. This
b) I’m your total slave; I’m giving to you but you must love me or I go away.
c) I am completely yours during the training but after I have a lot of thing to do I’m not your maid
d) I ‘m a free people but I love to obey when you order me.
e) I’ m incorrigible; I merit to be spanked for my perverted idea.
If you must be punished, what punishment is the best to avoid a reply? Rape

What is the place of sexuality in your life ?
(a) I want a lot of sexual intercourse. I need them. This (but I need tips)
(b) I love sex, but do it every two day it’s enough.
c) Two intercourse by week is enough.
d) One per week.
e) No sex if you want.
What position is the best for you during intercourse? Classic
How many times per day and per week do you have sexual relation? 7-10/week
How many times per day and per week do you masturbate you? Occasionally
Do you use current object to penetrate you …? And what are those objects? No
Are you ready to be sexual use by male or female? Yes (If I receive tips)

Jewels currently used necklace, ring, bracelet, earring… other All (but never use when go after work)
Particular sign (beauty spot, scars, tattoo…) No
You have now a slave name and a sign are you ready to wear it on your body …? and where if yes? In my breast (Temporary not permanent)


10 phản hồi to “Question list from Master”

  1. metalkid Says:

    Xin chào bạn. Mình cũng là 1 ng thích bondage.
    Bạn có thể cho mình YM của bạn đc ko ?

  2. T Says:

    Vũng Tàu xa quá má ơi !!! 😦

  3. keikai017 Says:

    _Bạn là nữ àh. Khá hiếm thấy đó nha. ^^! Làm quen nhá 😉 Cùng sở thích.

  4. kiencon_8x Says:

    Thật ra theo mình số nam nữ thích thể loại này cũng nhiều,chẳng qua là nữ ít thể hiện thôi!Như bạn Vy,mình thấy cá tính đó !

  5. kiencon_8x Says:

    Mình cũng thích thể loại này,thú thật,không tìm hiểu thì mình cũng tưởng chỉ có mình mình thích thôi chứ( tưởng là một mình khác người) thì ra mới tìm hiểu mình mới biết có nhiều người cùng sở thích.Mình chỉ thích,chứ chưa hề có kinh nghiệm gì,nick của mình :longnamvn (nam) 20t,hihi

  6. hoang Says:

    minh cung co so thich giong ban, ban cho minh xin nick yahoo nha Vy

  7. hoang Says:

    nick minh la
    xin duoc lam wen voi VY

  8. outcast Says:

    Vy oi, Vy còn active khong ?

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